Because of the color of my skin..

A child doesn’t really notice their flaws until someone points them out, and my family sure as hell did not beat around the bush when it came to mine.
Skin color shouldn’t matter! I was born dark compared to my family. And because I was, some of my family was disgusted by my skin color. Growing up my family has made sure I know I’m ugly because I’m dark.
“You’re so dark.”
“Black bitch!”
“Why don’t you go bleach yourself?!”
So that’s what I did, I grabbed bleach and put it all over my face and body.


I have had enough so I tried everything possible to make myself at least a shade lighter. Bleach, baking soda, lemon, milk and other skin whitening products. I had burned some of my skin off using baking soda and lemon .
When people would ask to the part of my body that got burned I would say “oh, haha I fell running.”
I’m so insecure, I don’t want anyone to look at me because I’m dark and ugly I think I’ve heard it enough times I actually believe it.


I just want to let you know that words do hurt. And watch everything you say to your kids, I don’t want them to feel the pain that I do. I know that pain very well, and let me tell you it hurts soo much.



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