Asi fue

It all came out the morning of December 25, 2013. This Christmas was the most horrible one yet. Agh although we got everything we needed to say out. This Christmas once again my father spent away from us. We finally got tired of it and told him everything that was on our mind.
” you’re never there for us!
” you always chooses your sisters over us!”
By the expression on his face those words hit him like bullets. I guess he didn’t think we felt like this.
” no, I love you guys more than anything else in the world .”
” no you don’t because is you did you would do something about it.”
” yes I do and I will promise you there will be change!”
” no! No! Screw you! ”
My sister and I stormed out of the house. As I looked up to her tears were falling down her face, her mascara was running. Her cheeks were pink and puffy. I was holding back the tears, my throat hurt from trying not to cry. I didn’t want to damage my reputation from being ” the tough girl.” I also hated crying In front of people, I didn’t want their sympathy. When we got back home, my sister ran into her room and began to sob into her pillow. I went into the living room and sat down and just sat there. My father left his room and found me in the living room. He pulled me into his room and sat down and hugged me.
” I love you. He said as I began to sob and I’m sorry if I’ve never been there for you, I promise you I will change.” As soon as he finished I could no longer hold in the tears and I began to cry in his arms. That was the first time in his life that he has ever saw me cry.I have never felt so weak and yet so protected in my life.
” I promise you mija I love you and I will change.” He said as he kissed my head. He pulled in my sister, brother and I into his room for a little intervention.
” please guys tell me what I have to do to make things better, I want to change and be a better person.” I really appreciated his effort to become a better dad. At no other moment have I felt so much respect and love for him.
” but if you already hate me, and you want me leave and never come back, I will do so because I want you guys to be happy .” I looked up at him and shook my head no.Although my father was never there for me, I could never hate him because I love him to much and I really need my father. After we discussed our problems and decided on what he needs todo to make our family whole again. I realized that he is amazing, he is great father for trying to make us happy. I respect him and love him with all my heart. I only hope now that he really means that he will change, I guess only time will tell. Although I have no doubt in my mid that he will change.


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