A minute of silence is all I ask for, a minute of your time wouldn’t be much for you to find out that my soul is dyeing . It’s dyeing, you got confused oh didn’t know what you wanted. Don’t even try to say you miss me, because you’re ths reason I’m gone.
I’d rather live a thousand years without you than to spend them like this.
You were the love of my life, and talking clearly, I’m not going to lie. I feel the exact same you do. Confusion, sorrow and madness.
Our relationship is like a storm that will go on, and I’m drowning in the ocean. It be a bit absurd to I agree.
You wanna stay together but
Why keep making more damage than to what has already been done?
Living by your side like this isn’t normal.
I look for peace and you are a temptation.
I’d rather be expired and be done with this.
You started converting me into someone I never wanted to be. Which made me the antagonist. I got lost In your maze that today I want to get out of.


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