Teachers, more than I thought.

My sister has recently became a teacher, sometimes I worry she is teaching the minds of our future. She makes me think twice about my teachers. Since my sister throws around curse words ALL THE TIME. For example, the other day my cousin introduced us to her boyfriend. Big mistake by the way.
Brother: what are your plans for the future?
Sister: fuck bitches get money I bet
Boyfriend: (smiles) no
Me: -___- very classy (sarcastic)
And another time, my brother recently found out I have a boyfriend.
Brother: you damn well know you’re too young for a boyfriend.
Sister: tell your brother to go suck a dick.
Ha ha ha
My favorite teacher left, she was very inspiring she was a writer, she had her on blog. (Which in not allowed to read)
She actually In spired me too do my own blog. Anyways I’m sorry ms. But I do read your blog. I found out many things about her. She claims to be an open book, but she has kept so much from us, or maybe she is. Maybe the conversations didn’t come up. It’s not like she would say,
” ok class you will write two page essay on the most influential person, I’m bisexual and I’m a bartender on the weekends.
When I fist saw her she looked pale, stressed, dead even. I finally understood why. I finally realized we are almost alike. She has anxiety attacks just like I do. She no longer talks to her father. I rarely ever see mine 😔. I admit her life seems harder than mine. She is so strong I would’ve never guessed all these things have happened to her. She put all her problems away just to teach me language arts. I admit I did not like her at fist but now I realize she is more than what she seams. She has her flaws but she is a true role-model. Sometimes I want to tell her I have this blog! You are the best person I’ve ever met, you have now inspired me to do so much! But I’m scared. Oh lord how I miss her.


2 thoughts on “Teachers, more than I thought.

  1. “Fuck bitches, get money”? Haha, SMH. Reminds me of those crude humor one-liners in the movies. I had a teacher that cursed every now and then. In the way he said things, he was like a stand-up comedian.

    It’s interesting how people keep to themselves more in person than they do online. Perhaps b/c they feel they can’t talk about personal things face-to-face much. Don’t know if people would be that receptive to vulnerability.Then again, that’s how most teachers are. Keeping students and colleges at a solid distance. It’s nice that you relate to her in some ways, though.

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