In the end

In the end, I will remember the kind words that you have spoken to me, and how you told me you loved me, for these simple things drove me fond
over you, but the words to tell me that Our relationship had meet its demise, had me heart broken , but since all good things must come to an end I wish to not dwell on this and move on .oh boy have things gotten harder, and when I thought I was over you I soon saw your face and wished to never see you again so I will not remember our memories and how you left tears to my eyes; but call me a basket case Because i do wish to see you but because I want the warmth of your embrace to fill the emptiness I feel, but now the love that we once shared is now a shadow in the past…. And now that I miss you more than ever and I know that we don’t talk anymore I wish to tell you That since I didn’t have you very long I’m glad you were once mine.


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