National Guard

Soon my brother will be leaving me, he will be on his way to the national guard .he’ll be Gone for almost the whole year . I want him to stay here with me because I don’t ever wanna loose him, he’s my best friend and he understands me better than anyone else.. Around him I can be myself and I can’t do that with anyone else .. Growing up I became really close to him. We grew this bond that no one can break ( i hope) he’s my big brother and best friend he helps me with my music and my homework, He made me the person i am today. I don’t want him to leave, I’m gonna miss his hugs and him asking him to make a samich ( i meant to spell it that way) he’s the person I’m most closest to in my whole family, i hope that he’ll always be my best friend no matter what, this coming year he will be a senior he’s always telling me that he’s gonna move out and I don’t want him to, I know that someday he’ll fall in love and we won’t be as close anymore, I try and make it seem like I really don’t care but inside I’m crying my eyes out and im one my knees begging he won’t leave me, I’m really hating time right now, time is just passing by to fast, I wish we can all just be kids again and relieve memories that we had . I’m just worried ill never see him again, I guess that’s why I build up a wall in front of anyone. I hate to get close to anyone because they always end up leaving. I don’t wanna cry in front of him because I don’t him to have this weight on his shoulders the whole time he’s away but I know this whole summer for me will just be spent in tears for me,I don’t want him to walk out our front door and never come back……..who else is gonna protect me an have my back, no matter what, and for those of you that don’t know the national guard is like the army just for minors and you serve less time.


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